Cottage By The Sea

I was born in P.E. Island, the garden of the Gulf;
I played there on the seashore, a happy little elf.
But, Oh! The years fly swiftly by how well I remember the day,
When I told my loving parents that I was going away.

I went to America, as many girls had before;
I got work as a housemaid, and did the humblest chore.
I cried myself to sleep at night how lonely one can be,
When far away from the folks you love and the Cottage by the sea.

I’ve travelled over America, and foreign lands too;
They all have wonderful attractions which might appeal to you
But now I’m at the Island how happy I will be,
To spend my summer vacation in the Cottage by the sea.

The folks I’ve loved have passed away;
Strange children play on the shore they build their castles in the sand,
As oft I did before; they dream their dreams
Of many things, not knowing what the future brings.

My home is now in California, many thousands of miles away;
This is my farewell visit for, I’m eighty-two today.
So, farewell to Point Pleasant the place so dear to me,
And to all my loving memories of the cottage by the sea.

Written August 1961

Margaretta Susannah MacKinnon (nee Jackson)


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