A Vacation Ends

This poem was written in a slightly different style to all of Maggies other poetry. I’m not sure whether it is the way she actually wrote it or the just the way someone typed it up at a later date. This poem has been particularly valuable in helping me track down family members after they left Prince Edward island. Maggies poetry, for me, is priceless!

We left P.E. Island in 1962, we thought we’d stop and visit the folks as we were passing through… Soon we were across by Ferry…we drove most all day…till we came to the Inspection at a place they call Calais…When the inspection was over…We started out again…to visit my sister who lived in Robbinston, Maine… She had just moved into her new house close by her son named Pete…his wife Edna brought us nice things to eat…We stopped with Lydia overnight…next morning she said to me…I think I’ll ride along with you as far as Tewksburn…We did enjoy her company and the time went by real fast so next we stopped to visit the Stewarts who lived in Beverley, Mass…We stayed with them overnight and enjoyed our visit so..then in the morning we started out once more..to visit my son in Charlotte a thousand mile or more…that night we stopped in a motel and everything was neat…but..we rode twenty miles next morning to find a place to eat. Next night we arrived at Fennells…we were getting tired and sore…it was nice to see the children and visit with them once more…Next day was Sunday so we slept rather late but we had Blanches plane which was due to arrive at eight…we brought her back to Fennells…the time went swiftly by as they talked of all their childhood days when they lived in P.E.I…Next day Blanche went to the Garden Club…and shopping with Jo..then Fennell took us to dinner and to the Cinerama show…Our next stop was Georgia..so we started out once more and arrived at the Vans house shortly after four..They have a beautiful country home…to us it was a treat..they served us Southern dinner an oh! How we did eat..Again we stopped overnight and for breakfast the next day..they served us grits and sausage cooked the good old Southern way..We enjoyed our visit and they wanted us to stay…I have another son in Florida so soon we were on our way..We enjoyed our ride that day and arrived at Als quite late..he has a lovely home and his orange grove looked great..We stopped with him for several days…they would not let us go… There were so many things to see and we enjoyed it so..but..at last we had to leave again..I bid a fond farewell to Al and Dan and Alice and his sweet called wife called Nell..Now..home to California…at last we are on our way.. We stopped at motels overnight and rode most all the day..As there were no more folds to visit as we rode along the way…We just enjoyed the country getting closer to home each day…Finally we were through Texas and only two more days and we would be in California my daughter for me to see..She lives in beautiful Woodland Hills…how I’ve missed her each day..during all the long six months that we have been away..At last we are at Aretas and happy as can be as we sit around the fireplace and sip our cup of tea. Now..down to San Diego…its good to be at home once more…so…well just rest and reminisce ’till its time to go back once more.

Margaretta Susannah MacKinnon (nee Jackson)

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