Mack’s Garden

This summer on the island
it surely was a flop
It rained and rained every day
we thought it would never stop

Mack kept working in his garden
the diggin’ it was slow
But he put in lots of fertilizer
as that would make it grow.

At last it was finished
and everything looked fine
Then he waited patiently
to see if the sun would shine.

Eventually the plants came up
all in a nice straight row
So he added some more fertilizer
just to help them along you know.

But when we went out next morning
it was a heart-breaking sight
The fertilizer was so strong
it burned them all that night.

So he started in next morning
and dug it over once more
Altho his hands were blistered
and his back was very sore.

Now our gardens growing
we have vegetables to eat
So all we want for dinner
is some of Ellies meat.

Mack thought his troubles were over
but oh! What a riff
When he went out next morning
everything was frozen stiff!

Today the sun is shining
but the garden is no more
So we will go back to San Diego
and buy it all in the store.

Margaretta Susannah MacKinnon (nee Jackson) 1963


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