Untitled Poem

We spent a happy summer down at MacInnis…in dear old P.E.Island…the place I will see no more. The folks were so nice to us…and tried so hard to please…so we would have a vacation…in that cottage by the sea. They brought us jams and jellies, their cookies were a dream. They even brought us strawberries and moreover, a quart of cream! My Doctor advised me when we left…to be careful of what I ate.  Not to have any pastries…for that would increase my weight. We went to a turkey dinner up at St. Peter’s Bay. I wish my good Doctor could only have seen that display. There were cookies by the dozen…plus cakes and pies galore…and they kept insisting that we should have some more. When we thought we had finished…the waitress then came by…and passed us strawberry shortcake with cream piled mountain high. I faked a minute…it was our parting treat…that even good St. Peter could not refuse to eat… as we left the party…we heard the people say I hope you enjoyed your dinner…come back some other day.

The women then decided that they …would share a social in the good old fashioned way.

They sold hot dogs by the dozens…ice cream cones by the score, and Mack and Herb cooked french fries until their arms were sore. They passed them out in paper cups…More catsup they would say…and then the music started and the dance got under way. They danced until 2 O’clock…and then I heard the holler. This will be the last dance boys…there’s work to do tomorrow. Soon the dance was over…and all were on their way…to get up early in the morning…to start to mow the hay.

Margaretta Susannah MacKinnon (nee Jackson)

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