I’m back!

Well the new FIBIS website (www.fibis.org) is finally launched and I can hopefully find more time for posting more information here. I can’t believe it’s been two months!

I confess to thinking I would never get the FIBIS website finished in time for it’s launch at ‘Who Do You Think You Are – Live 2011’ at Olympia National Hall, London as every possible interruption or diaster possible seemed to happen in the last month before launch.

  • My son got hit by a car
  • My emersion heater decided to leak through the front room ceiling
  • My heating system was condemned and we needed to pack up the house for plumbers, electricians and builders the week before launch
  • My computer died at launch!

My kids were absolutley amazing in helping pack and unpack the house and surprised me by working until 5am the night before the show to make sure everything was half decent before we left. It was a lovely surprise to come down in the morning and find all I had to do was pack the car ready to leave!

Despite all that we launched on time and all seems to have gone well! If you are interested in how the show went you can read my report on the FIBIS website which includes photographs and a video interview with myself.

Last year, at WDYTYA-Live 2010, I managed to reunite two cousins Noel and Charlotte (see FIBIS Family Meeting) . This year Noel managed to return the favour and introduced me to one of my long lost cousins! My new found cousin, Pat, and I have been busy exchanging information and family photographs and it’s all very exciting!

I still have a small backlog of FIBIS work to catch up on and look at some research sent to me by another newly found cousin via Facebook, Joyce, regarding our shared PEI roots!

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