Edith Mona Macdonald Church

Edith Mona Macdonal Church
Edith Mona Macdonal Church – April 1918

Among a box of family photos I found this photo with “Edith Mona Macdonald Church – April 1918″ inscribed on the reverse. I’ve asked my grandmother if she can remember who Edith was and why we have the photo and she thinks her mother might have been a governess for her, but can’t be sure.

I have found Edith (aged 5) in the UK Incoming Passenger Lists sailing 1st class from Bombay and arriving in Liverpool, England 11 June 1922  aboard the Olympia with Mrs Dorothy M Church (aged 31 years), Elinor Joan (aged 8 years) and Ian C (aged 3 months) giving their address as 18 Minto Street, Edinburgh.

If anyone recognises the names I would be grateful if they can contact me as I would like to know more about how and why my Great Grandmother, Muriel Wardley (nee Collett) would have a photo of Edith.


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