Royal Sussex Regiment Photographs – Help needed in identification

I need some help identifying the date and location that these photos were taken. If anyone can identify the people in the photographs even better!

I’ve been able to identify the Regiment by the uniform and Regimental Colours. I can see the battle honours for the First World War, so the photos were obviously take post WWI. As they are wearing pith helmets I suspect Egypt or Burma. Any ideas gratefully received.


Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge the photos.



  1. Hello to all !
    Here historian/admin for the Royal Sussex Regimental Website.
    Your beautiful photos are of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Sussex Regiment taken in Peshawar, India in 1932 at the Queens Birthday Parade. Unfortunately there are no names traceable.
    Here are pics from a John Brown of the same era :'s%20Regt2.htm

    In the Colour Party are : two Ensign Subalterns (Colour Officer`s) both are full Lieutenants.There is a a Colour Sgt in Command and two guard Sgts. At the rear is a Drum-Major hidden from view, he does not belong here and is probably only present for the photo.
    They are wearing Tropical KD Uniform with the Wolesey Plith Helmet.
    There is a red flash on the left side of the helmet with Royal Sussex embroidered in white. Only the officers are wearing the solid silver Cap-Badge.
    The weapon is the Short Lee- Enfield Mk 3 with the 19 inch sword bayonet 1907 Pattern.
    The second pic with Ensigns only, is unusual.
    Colours were seldom freed for poses like this. They were shown “Furled” or “Unfurled”, at the “Carry” or at the “Slope”.
    The left Colour is the “Queen`s/King`s Colour”, representing loyalty to Monarch. The right-hand Colour is the “Regimental Colour” representing the loyalty to the Regiment.
    The Mace is still in the Regimental Museum in Eastbourne.
    Stay in contact. I would like to use your pics, please.
    best regards

    1. That’s fantastic Les! Many thanks for your help. As I’m webmaster and trustee for the Families In British India Society I’m especially glad the photos were taken in India and will add them to our fibiwiki page on the regiment in India at . We try to gather as much information about different regiments and their time in India as possible, so feel free to add anything to the regiments page you think might be useful. I am also happy for you to use the photos.

      1. Valmay, Are you interested in the Second World War. The 9th Battalion of the Royal Sussex spent several years in India and then Burma in 1943-45 . I have a special interest in this Battalion since my late father served with them.

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