Wonderful images of sports in British India

Cyclists at the National Games, Bombay 1940
Cyclists at the National Games, Bombay 1940

I offered to make a short video slideshow of sports related images taken in British India for the Families in British India Society to play in a loop at the Who Do You Think You Are – Live show at Olympia 24-26 Feb 2012, but as usual I ran short of time, so my son offered to make it for me.

Several of the images included in this video are of my Wardley family in India. My Great Grandmother, Muriel Wardley, was Captain of the Jhansi Hockey team and there are three photos of her hockey team, two of them in marvellous fancy dress! The photo of the cyclists is another photo that includes Muriel and is of the winning cyclists at the National Games of India in Bombay 1940 and the slideshow concludes with a photo of Muriel and her three daughters Betty (my Grandmother), Pat and Valmay swimming at Beach Candy, Bombay.

I have added the hockey photos to my Flickr account where I have tagged as many people as my Grandma could identify. Unfortunately, her eyesight is failing, so I would appreciate it if anyone can help in identifying further individuals. To view the photos with tags click on the photos below. Hover your cursor over a person in the photo and if I know the persons name it should pop up.

Jhansi hockey team Christmas fancy dress

Jhansi hockey team fancy dress match 1935

Jhansi Ladies Hockey Team

Known surnames included in the photographs are Flynn, Cantem, Gillett, Stewart, Rhubottom Wardley and Wheeler.  If anyone can name anyone please comment on this blog page or on the relevant image page on Flickr.


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