Bengal Nagpur Railway Loco Running Staff Khargpur 1910

BNR Loco Running Staff Khagpur 1910

BNR Loco Running Staff Khagpur 1910
BNR Loco Running Staff Khagpur 1910

I’ve had many requests for copies of this photo over the years, so thought I would rescan it and add it to my blog. There are also copies on my Flickr Gallery where you can view the images in more detail. I’m afraid the image is in a rather poor condition and apologise for the quality of the scan, but it’s the best I can do. If you spot your ancestor in the photograph please let me know by either leaving a comment on this page or in my  Flickr Gallery. My ancestor is A.B. Collett.

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Click image below to view enlargements of faces on Flickr.

Bengal Nagpur Railway




  1. Hi Valmay, I think Mr J.E. Bunyan may be my husband’s great grandfather or uncle. We are new to tracking the Kharagpur Bunyans. What a find! Mary

  2. In 1938, in England, my mother’s cousin, Edith Pauline Marie Lang, married Arnold George Holdway Collett, the son of A. B. Collett. I am not related by DNA to the Colletts, but consider them “family” due to one of them marrying my mother’s cousin.

  3. Thank you Valmay for sharing this wonderful photo of the BNR Loco running staff’, Khargpur, 1910. My grandfather was Patrick Sweeney. He was an engine driver

  4. I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of the BN Railway Hockey and football teams of the 40-50’s. My father Rupert Wainwright played in both teams.

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