Who is Bernhard Boelk?

Photograph of Bernhard Boelk
Photograph by Gebrüder Siebe photographic studio Mönchen str. 15, Stettin (now Szczecin, Poland (click to see larger image).

This photograph is in an album I inherited that once belonged to my Great Great Grandparents, Gustav Adolph Albert Kuhlmey and Pauline Sheridan Wardley.  Gustav was born in Stettin in 1856 and Pauline in Newark, Nottinghamshire in 1857. The Gebrüder Siebe photographic studios operated c1866 – 1903.

I would love to know who Bernhard Boelk is and why Gustav had a photograph of him. Very few of the photographs in the album have any indication as to who the subject is. In researching some of them I have found that the photos are of friends, family and people Gustav met through his work as a music director and bandmaster in England, Germany and India. If anyone knows anything about this gentleman please get in touch.


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