Gustav Kuhlmey – Can you identify his German Uniform?

Gustav Kuhlmey by Valmay Young
Gustav Kuhlmey, a photo by Valmay Young on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
This photograph is of my Great Great Grandfather, Gustav Adolph Albert Kuhlmey. I would appreciate any help in identifying the uniform and medals Gustav is wearing. I suspect the photo might be dated before 1870, but could be wrong. I haven’t had much luck in determining when the photographic studio was operating, which could help date the photo if known, so if anyone has any information on that too please let me know.

Update 24 July 2012

After posting this article on my Google Plus profile Kathy Nemaric commented on the post with some great leads. Thanks to her help I now know the uniform is Bayern (Bavarian) Infantry and the photo must be dated 1876-1879.

If you would like to read the post here is the link

Update 8 August 2012

On my flickr page Trace A left the following comment:

“Gustav Kuhlmey is probably wearing a Bavarian uniform with Bavarian medals.”



  1. Bavarian Hauptmanns uniform. Wears Bavarian Campaign Cross for 1866 and Prussian 1870/71 campaign medal for the Franco-Prussian war. Funny as he got the first for fighting against and the second for fighting with the Prussians 🙂

    Best wishes

    1. That’s fantastic! Many thanks for your help. I now have doubts as to whether this is my 2x Great Grandfather, Gustav Kuhlmey, as he was born in 1856 and therefore too young to have the Bavarian Campaign Cross. And yet the person in is photo looks just like him. Maybe another family relative seeing as there is such a similarity. Many, many thanks for your help. It is greatly appreciated.

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