Valmay’s Family History(onics) blogiversary!

I felt terribly guilty when I saw this tweet from @Geneabloggers on Twitter this morning and realised I hadn’t blogged on my blog for two months.

Unfortunately I don’t get to spend as much time as I would like on my own research at the moment due to family commitments. What spare time I do have tends to be spent on FIBIS webmaster/trustee related duties.

If you are interested on what I have been up to since I last blogged here is a list!

  • The Geoff Riggs Award – I was very excited when the FIBIS website won Best overall website in the Federation of Family History Societies Geoff Griggs Award. Read more about the award
  • I finished putting together and launched the FIBIS Image Gallery website. The FIBIS Gallery uses a web-based program designed to upload, organize and archive photographs. It supports tagging, categories, geo-referencing, timelines and practically every other on-line sorting tool you can think of!
  • Upgraded and redesigned the main FIBIS website. I won’t bore you with the details, but if you are interested you can read more in this FIBIS blog post.
  • Upgraded and redesigned the FIBIS Social Network website.
  • Along with other trustees I have been helping to organise the first ever FIBIS Conference for 2014 and put together a website devoted to the conference at

Admittedly most of this work was carried out over a long period of time and just happened to be finished since I last blogged, but hopefully you will be interested in what I have been up to anyhow!

Although I don’t get to blog here as often as I would like, I do post on the FIBIS blog regularly if you are interested.



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