Genealogy Resolutions for 2014

Last year I read Andrew Martin’s blog post My Top 5 Genealogy ‘to-dos’ for 2013 which suggested choosing five areas of family tree research where you hope to make progress in 2013 and thought it was such an excellent idea that I chose my own five Genealogy Resolutions for 2013

How did I get on with my genealogy resolutions for 2013?

Not too bad, but not that good either! 😦

School report for Walter Wheeler
School report for Walter Wheeler
  1. Break down my Beckwith brick wall – I didn’t break it down as I got a little side-tracked by Fred’s son! (See Oh What A Tangled Web – of Lies, Deceit, Sex and …… Murder?)
  2. Scan more family correspondence – Scanned quite a bit, but could take another year or two to finish.
  3. Write up what I have discovered about my Quack Doctor – Failed on this one.
  4. Keep a diary – Only lasted until April, so failed on this too.
  5. Do some more India research – Managed to do quite a bit of research on my Henry Holdway in the Bengal Horse Artillery.

My Genealogy Resolutions for 2014

Hopefully I will do better with these five.

  1. Scan more family correspondence – I have a couple of briefcases and several boxes full of family correspondence and photographs dating from the 1880’s to 1980’s, so this will take some time. I made a good start on it last year, but it is rather tedious.
  2. Try and fit in some more India research – I would like to at finish working my way through Henry Holdway’s muster rolls and hopefully write up my findings as he had a fascinating career in the Bengal Horse Artillery.
  3. Start writing up my own life story – 2013 was a bit of an emotional year. I am the eldest of four children and within the space of a year my eldest brother had emergency heart surgery to replace his heart valves, followed my youngest brother having a stroke in April. My sister also hen a stroke a few months later and I had a cancer scare.  In the weeks that I had very stupidly convinced myself that I had left it too late before seeing a doctor, and I was probably going to die, I made a start on my life story. I wanted my two sons to know something about my life and why I have such a crazy family! I also hoped it might help them understand why I made some of the unusual but important decisions I have made in the past! Funnily enough my youngest son asked me to write my life story a few days ago as he’s realised how little he knows and he would like to know more, so I will. It’s really hard to know where exactly to start and what to include. It’s not going to be easy!
  4. Make some photo books – I plan on making some photo books of the old photos I am scanning. They also make great gifts. I experimented making a couple with Snapfish when they had a sale on over Christmas and was very pleased with the results and quality.
  5. Attend a workshop – In all the years I have been manning the FIBIS stands at exhibitions I have never managed to make it to a workshop or talk. I quite like the look of “Tales from the Tombstones with Dr Rosie Llewellyn-Jones” at this years Who Do You Think You Are – live show. Hopefully it won’t clash with my time manning the stand. If I do miss it then I hope I will be able to attend one of Gill Blanchard’s talks or workshops on ‘Writing your family history’ at the FIBIS Conference  in May. It my help me with resolution 3!

Let’s hope I am more successful this year! Andrew has already posted his Top 5 New Year Genealogy Resolutions for 2014. Good luck Andrew! 🙂


    1. Many thanks Julie. That might help me plan it a bit better. When I started I wasn’t sure where to start. At first I thought the logical place to start would be with my birth, but then I thought I should explain how my parents met and a little bit about them as where they were from effected my life too. I’ve not got very far and still in 1965!

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