Surname Christmas Tree Tag Clouds

This afternoon I had a bright idea and thought it would be nice to make a tag cloud in the shape of a Christmas tree made up of ancestors surnames. I selected surnames of all the descendants of my ancestor, Lewis Andrew Collett, and tried a couple of online tag cloud generators, but confess to getting a little bored after just trying out two of them! I thougt I would share them with you anyhow just in case the idea tickled your fancy you enjoy the idea more than me!

Feel free to share any you have made with me as I might come back to this idea at a later date and curious if anyone else knows of a better tag cloud generator than either of the one I tried.

My first attempt was with

Tagul Christmas Surname tree
Click image to visit tree on



The second one I tried was and was probably the easiest tag cloud generator of the two.

Click image to visit tree on



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