Christ Church, Shimla – Memorials

Interior of Christ Church, Shimla

The below images are photos that I took of the memorial plaques in Christ Church, Shimla in October 2015 and later posted to Instagram. I only photographed the left-hand side of the church as my friend was photographing the right-hand side. The full set of images are going to be indexed and transcribed by FIBIS and placed on the FIBIS website. Please contact me if you would like a copy of the original and higher resolution copy as these are edited and trimmed down for instagram.



These are trimmed down versions of the original images on instagram. If you are related to anyone in these photos I am happy to send you a copy of the original, larger and unaltered image if you contact me.

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#Memorial at Christ #Church #Shimla – "In remembrance of Sir Thomas Durand Baker, KCB, Lieut General in Her Majesty's Army and Quarter Master General to the Forces. In India he held in succession the appointments of Military Secretary to the Viceroy, Adjutant General of the Army and Major General Commanding the #Allahabad and #Rawalpindi Districts, filling these high offices with credit to himself and advantage to the State. He possessed a brilliant record of War Services having distinguished himself in the Crimean Campaign 1854-55, the Indian Mutiny 1858, New Zealand War 1864-66, Ashanti War 1873-74, Afghan Campaign 1879-80, where he commanded a Brigade, and the Burmese Expedition of 1886-87. He was born on the 23rd March 1837 and died 9th February 1893. This memorial is erected as a mark of affection and esteem, by his brother officers." #familyhistory #genealogy #himachalpradesh

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