St George’s Cathedral, Agra

St George’s Church, Agra

Wolfram Kuhlmey
Wolfram Kuhlmey (1893-1972)

I thought I would post a couple of photographs and a video that I took during my visit to St George’s Cathedral, Agra in October 2015. The video is poor quality, as not only am I useless at video recording, but I’d recently had surgery on the retina of one of my eyes and had very poor vision in the other! I thought I would include it here anyhow.

The reason I visited St George’s was to see where my Great Grandfather, Wolfram Bruno Arthur Kuhlmey, (also known as Walter Wheeler and Walter Wardley) was baptised. Wolfram was born in Agra on 29 April 1893 and baptised at St George’s Church on 16 July 1893.

St George’s Cathedral was formerly a church and was designed by Colonel J. T. Boileau in 1826 in neo-Gothic style. It is a very well preserved, typical cantonment church that contains several memorials to the East Surrey Regiment. Someone in our group photographed the memorials and they will be posted on the FIBIS website once transcribed. Unfortunately the battery in my camera died, so I only have these three photographs.




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