Family history

Family history is a bit of an addiction for me. I am the Website and Social Media Manager and a trustee of the Families In British India Society, so most of my time is spent working with family history, in one way or another, when not caring for my disabled partner.

Researching my family history hasn’t been easy over the years as I have British Indian, German/Prussian, English, Irish, Scottish/Canadian, French Canadian, American and even Native American roots. I am not going to use this blog to publish copies of my research as I have done that in the past only to find others have copied my work and published it as their own (complete with spelling mistakes!).  I have also had distant cousins contact me for copies of my research and like an idiot I sent them GEDCOM files only to find they have later uploaded it to after I expressly parted with the information on condition that they don’t give the details to anyone else!

I will, however, publish brief notes on this blog and if you feel you are related or would like some help or advice please do feel free to contact me as I would love to hear from you.

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  1. While browsing through the Images of Dexter, ME. I came across a few photos etc. which raised a flag for me. My adoptive mother was Ruth Young, sister of Stella, Mary (Molly) and Harry Young of Dexter. I have quite a few photos of the Young family which Ruth took including a 1948 picture of Duane which I’d be glad to e-mail to you directly, for your eyes only, if I can figure out how to do it. Re. the pictue of the Pleasant Street School, I’m quite sure that Duane is the 4th in from the left in the first row.

  2. I am pretty sure I am a descendant of the White/Jackson family My great grandmothers name was Lydia Jackson and her son, my grandfather was Henry Lawrence Roxbee. Do you think you might be able to confirm that I am looking in the right direction?

      1. Thank you for confirming this for me..I have been able to trace my mom’s ancestry and I have become part of her family in Ireland. My dad has given me a framed declaration in the name of Captain Henry White and his ship. I will scan it soon and send to you.
        I am presuming that we are relatives, would love to know more.. My dad’s name is Charles Henry Roxbee and lives in Middletown Connecticut. He is aging and his memory is sometimes fuzzy. I will be so happy to bring him this news. Please let me know if ever there is a reunion with the families. I live in Rhode Island and will travel..
        Thank you again for your confirmation.
        Kathleen Roxbee Mertz

      2. Hi Kathleen,

        Many thanks for the kind offer of a scanned copy of the declaration of Captain Henry White and his ship. I would love a copy!

        You are my 3rd cousin 1 time removed. Our common ancestors are Alexander James Jackson and Mary Parker White.

        I don’t know of any planned reunions, but I live in the UK. There are still Jackson relatives in Prince Edward Island if you are ever up that way though.

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