Here are some brief details of my English roots.

Gascoyne family

My GASCOYNE family I have traced back to the late 17th century to Hackney, London where they were silkweavers. Over the generations they also lived in Shoreditch, Leytonstone and Forest Gate.

Beckwith family

My BECKWITH family is my main ‘brick wall’. I can’t get past Frederick BECKWITH who, according to census returns, was born circa 1860 in Forest Gate. His marriage certificate, dated 1881, says his father was Henry BECKWITH and his address on the certificate was a derelict building!

Woolf family

My WOOLF family were tinkers and tin men in the St George in the East and Mile End area of London.

Hinman family

The HINMAN’s were from Teigh in Rutland.

Wardley family

My mystery man, Richard Sheridan WARDLEY. Started out his working life as a dry goods salesman, but decided he wanted be a doctor and managed to practice for several years without qualifications before getting caught. Also had an affair with a young girl whilst practising as a doctor causing the young girl to move from Rutland to London to avoid the shame. That young girl was my 3 x Great Grandmother.

Associated surnames



  1. Valmay,
    Reference your Beckwith brickwall. You may have already considered this but I was reminded today that it is possible to look for what one believes is the registration district when the place is actually a sub registration district. In your case Forest Gate is a sub-district of West Ham which is the Registration District. If you search FreeBMD for Forest Gate you cannot find it. A search of Essex Sept 1837 to December 1899 provides the results below.
    WEST HAM REGISTRATION DISTRICT Registration County : Essex (1837–65), Greater London (1965–67) Created : 1.7.1837. Abolished : 1.1.1968 (to become part of Newham registration district). Sub-districts : include Canning Town, Forest Gate, Leyton, North East Ham, North Leyton, Plaistow, Silvertown, South East Ham, South Leyton, Stratford, Walthamstow, Walthamstow East, Walthamstow West, Wanstead, West Ham, West Ham Central, West Ham North East, West Ham North West, West Ham South, Woodford.
    GRO volumes : XII (1837–51), 4a (1852–1946)., 5A (1946–65), 5E (1965–67).
    Registers now held by : Newham, Waltham Forest and Redbridge. Search for Type : Births. Surname : Beckwith First name(s) : Frederick Start date: Sep 1837 End date : Dec 1899 District : all County : Essex
    Surname First name(s) District Vol/Page
    Births Sep 1856 Beckwith Frederick Witham 4a/257
    Births Mar 1857 Beckwith Frederick Braintree 4a/324
    Beckwith Frederick Braintree 4a/524
    Births Mar 1859 Beckwith Frederick Maldon 4a/207
    Births Dec 1865 Beckwith Frederick W. Witham 4a/299
    Births Sep 1866 Beckwith Frederick J Ongar 4a/94
    Births Mar 1874 Beckwith Frederick John Maldon 4a/282
    Births Jun 1884 Beckwith Frederick West Ham 4a/169
    Beckwith Frederick William Chelmsford 4a/389
    Births Sep 1884 Beckwith Frederick Henry Maldon 4a/421
    Births Dec 1889 Beckwith Frederick Edmonton 3a/318
    Births Dec 1892 Beckwith Frederick William Chelmsford 4a/468
    Births Dec 1898 Beckwith Frederick William West Ham 4a/195

    1. Many thanks Albert. I did order the 1859 birth a few years ago, but it listed a different father than that of his marriage certificate. Plus Frederick gave his place of birth as Forest Gate on census returns, but none of the Forest Gate/West Ham births seem to fit either. I’m hoping a clue will turn up some day in some form or another and everything will fall into place. Mind you, his wife’s death is proving just as illusive!

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