French Canadian

I have done very little of this research myself as a cousin of mine had already done most of it before me.


Michel Joseph Gautron was born in Larochelle, France 16 October 1642. He left France for Quebec where the family surname became Gautron dit Larochelle. A few generations later the surname became just Larochelle.

Sometime before 1900 Solomon Thomas Larochelle moved from Quebec to Maine and married Marceline Rochette. These are my Great Great Grandparents.

Other Surnames


Are We Related?

View the Horizontal Hourglass Chart of Blanche Larochelle and if you see a name listed that you are connected to then we could be related. Please get in touch for further details.

My famous cousins

I have a few famous cousins listed below under our common ancestor.

The Gagnons

Four children of Pierre Gagnon – Marguerite, Mathurin, Jean and Pierre, came from Tourouvre, France to Quebec. A cousin, Robert, founded the second branch of the Gagnon family in Quebec. The Gagnons lived at Saint-Anne-de-Beaupre and Chateau-Richer. I am descended from Mathurin.

Descendants include:
Madonna – my 9th cousin 1 x removed
Hillary Clinton – my 9th cousin 1 x removed
Celine Dion – my 9th cousin

Photo Gallery

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  1. Hi Cousin. Our rlationship goes back aways to Michel Gautron dit LaRochelle and Marie-Madelien Bissonet. I am descended from their son, Michel, brother of your Joseph

    1. Hi Jordan,
      Sorry for the late reply. I normally get a notification of comments posted, but didn’t get one for yours. Saloman and Marcelline are my Great Great Grandparents too. I am descended from their daughter Blanche. How are you connected?

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