Prince Edward Island

Here are some very brief notes.

MacKinnon family

It is believed that the MacKinnon family may have come over to Prince Edward Island from the Isle of Mull, Scotland. This is yet to be confirmed.

Jacklin/Jackson family

John Freeman JACKLIN was an escaped negro slave who fought for the British in the American Revolution. In return the British gave him an acre of land in Sherburne, Nova Scotia.

Several generations later the Jacklin family came to Prince Edward Island and changed their surname to JACKSON. I suspect they did this to start afresh and escape being classed as negroes as in the census returns in Nova Scotia they are listed as negros, but in photographs they appear white. Once in Prince Edward island they are listed as white and Scottish!

Many of the Jacklin family can be seen in a photograph included in an article on Shelburne Churchgoers on the Black Loyalists – Black Communities in Nova Scotia online resource of the Nova Scotia Museum website.

Other Surnames



Are we related?

View the following descendant reports and if you see a name listed that you are connected to then we could be related. Please get in touch for further details.

Outline Descendant Report of Hugh MacKinnon

Outline Descendant Report of John Jacklin

Outline Descendant Report of Henry White

Photo Gallery

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My thanks go to Gary and Gloria Llewellyn for 99% of this information. They are constantly sending me updates and have worked very hard for years on the MacKinnon genealogy. They have sent me alot more than is shown on this page as I have kept it brief concentrating on my family line.


  1. I am a decedent of John Freeman Jacklin. He is my great, great, great, great grandfather. My great grandfather was Charles Jacklin, who was the son of William, who in turn was the son of Thomas. My grandfather was Lawrence. I’m very interested in knowing how you were able to trace the facts as far back as John Freeman? My father was an only child thus I have no way to trace my family history, other than on line. There are no physical remnants of my history.

    Thank you for your time!

    1. Many thanks for getting in touch. I was really lucky that early on in my research I was contacted by the Josey’s who sent me a copy of a book they wrote “Jacklin to Jackson: descendants of John Freeman Jacklin, Loyalist”.

      1. Good morning. I am also a descendant of John Freeman Jacklin. Is it possible to somehow get a copy of this book? I would love to learn more about my lineage.

      2. Thank you so much for the reference. I can’t wait to read into this more. I will be in Nova Scotia this August and plan on visiting Shelburne with my mother as well as Gaspereaux in PEI!

    2. My name is Travis Freeman Jackson age 30. I live in Cupertino Califnira. My grandfather was Hugh Freeman Jackson ll, my Uncle is Hugh Jackson lll and my father is Thomas Laurence Jackson. My grandfather moved from Pensilvania. I’ve been to PEI before to Jackson lane and was trying to locate the street on a map.

      1. Many thanks for getting in touch cousin Travis! I have never been fortunate enough to visit PEI, but my parents did a few years back and were made most welcome by our Jackson cousins.

  2. I am a Moore descended from Charlotte Moore MacKinnon’s brother Henry Baker Moore. He was my gggrandfather, his son was William Henry, and my grandfather Elton Sterling Moore, all of PEI. My grandparents emigrated to Massachusetts.

    Here is the post where I worked out how I think I’m related to you and Dan MacKinnon.

    I am the one to whom you refer in your post as not having heard back from on Facebook. I am no longer on FB. ~Joyce

  3. Hi Joyce,

    Glad to be back in touch. 🙂

    According to relationship calculator of my family tree software package:

    * You and I are 4th cousins 1 x removed.
    * You and Dan are 3rd cousins 1 x removed.
    * Dan and I are 1st cousins 2 x removed.

  4. My father’s Aunt Phoebe Dunsford married a Daniel William MacKinnon, Jr. and they lived in Mass., USA. Dad could never trace Dan’s roots but I think he may be the same one that is listed here. Do you have anymore of his history? Thanks. My name is Carole (Dunsford) Gordon and my e-mail address is I live in New Haven, PEI. Aunt Phoebe and my grandfather, George Dunsford were born and raised in South Melville, PEI.

    1. Hi Carol, Many thanks for contacting me. I don’t think it is the same Daniel William MacKinnon Jnr as mine only married the once and that was to Margaretta Susannah Jackson on 02 Aug 1897 Murray River, Prince Edward Island. He was born 01 Nov 1873 Sturgeon, Prince Edward Island and died 1925 Reading, Massachusetts.

  5. Charles Wentworth Toaker Jacklin was marrried first to Elizabeth Wesley and second marriage to Elizabeth Ann Francis in 1900. She was my grandmother

  6. Hi Valmay. I’m also a descendant of the Loyalist John Jacklin and a trained Genealogical Record Searcher (GRS). I’ve done considerable research on the Jacklins, particularly the original John and none of the information the Joseys provided on him is true. Incidently, neither is the information left at the Shelburne County Archives & Genealogical society by Leon VanHatt Jacklin. If you would like proof, feel free to contact me at

  7. Hi there. My name is Terry Seaney and George MacKinnon was my grandfather. My mother was Marlene MacKinnon (later Judd) and I live in Florida. I think we might be cousins, is that right? We used to spend summers on PEI, somewhere near Murray River.

    1. Hi Terry, Many thanks for getting in touch. Yes we are cousins. Marlene is my Grandfathers (Garlen MacKinnon) sister. My father never really knew his father, Garlen, as his parents split up when he was still a baby, but when he first went looking for his MacKinnon family in the 1990s your mother was the first person he found and she knew immediately who he was and was so pleased he had found her. It was thanks to your mother that my father found that he had a half brother and sister which he later met.

      I live in England and when my father told me that Marlene had shown her Weimaraners at Crufts I had hoped I might meet up with her one day, as I used to attend the show occasionally, but unfortunately it never happened.

  8. Yes, my brother and I knew your grandfather as “Uncle Buster”. My family and I travel to Maine every summer and we go by where your grandfather and mine lived. The house George built is still there and I remember Uncle Buster’s little restuarant used to be next door.

    1. I wish I had known him. I lived in Maine in the ’90s and my neighbours knew him too and it seemed weird that everyone knew him but me and I was his granddaughter! I think my neighbours told me about the restaurant. Was it on the outskirts of Guilford on the road that heads out towards Abbot?

  9. Yes, that is correct. As you leave Guilford it was on the left. Next to that was my grandfather’s house (which is still there) and then the building that used to be my father’s gas station (building is still there). I remember him as being a jolly, fun loving guy, always smiling.

    1. I used to drive by it all the time and never thought to stop and take a photo. It wasn’t until I moved to England that I started doing the family history and suddenly realised all the missed opportunities to find out more about the family. I have family buried across the road in the cemetery that I didn’t know about until I left too. Lots of happy childhood memories of summers at the camp at Piper Pond. All that time we were probably not far from Dads paternal family, but had no idea. Dad didn’t even know what his father looked like and never had a photo until he met his sister Sherry in the 90s. Such a shame.

      1. I didn’t start looking into the family until fairly recently, when I found your “old” website. I remember visiting that cemetery but I am not sure which family member(s) may be there. I regret not asking my mother more questions about relatives but her passing was so sudden and she was not that old I thought (to my regret) that I had time. We have some old movie footage that my brother and I salvaged from my dad’s place when he passed and I cannot identify some of the people that appear. Looks like some of it may be from PEI.

      2. I and in touch with our Jackson cousins in PEI if you want me to put you in touch for help in identifying people in the movie footage. If you ever get it digitised I would love to see it. If only we had a time machine! 🙂

      3. That would be good. We have a friend in England that we have traveled with. She lives in Gloucestershire and works at Berkeley castle. Anywhere near you? How’d you end up in England?

      4. Hi there. I went back to Beach Point Cemetery in PEI this summer and took photos of the Head stones that had Jackson names. would you be interested in seeing these photos or would you already had them?
        I went home this summer and took my mother (she is a descendant of Austin Locke) we drove to Jackson lane and since we did not have any names, we just started knocking on doors and talking to neighbours surrounding the cemetery.

  10. That would be great. We have a friend we travel with sometimes that lives in Gloucestershire and works at Berkeley Castle. Is that anywhere near you?

  11. Anything else you wish to share on the MacKinnons, please do. My wife is John Henry MacKinnon’s (Daniel Jr’s brother) great granddaughter and I am actively researching the family roots and history

    1. Hi Jaques. Many thanks for your post. I don’t have anything further, but I’m slowly adding everything I have to wikitree as it is a totally free website to use and a great way to collaboratively work with others on your family tree. John Henry MacKinnon’s profile is at If you are on wikitree, or join, let me know and I will add you to my trusted list. You can find me at

  12. Hi Valmay, my maternal great grandmother was Margaret O’Conner Stewart. .Her father was David O’Conner. Her daughter, Ann Florence, was my grandmother. My mother was born in PEI, but lived in Halifax from the age of 13. Thanks so much for all the information you have made available, cousin!

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