Margaretta Susannah MacKinnon

Born Margaretta Susannah Jackson on 2nd August 1879 at Point Pleasant, Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Margaretta Susannah MacKinnon
Margaretta Susannah MacKinnon

Until a few years ago I had never heard of Margaretta Jackson, even though she was my Great Great Grandmother. I knew nothing about my family from Prince Edward Island at all. I knew nothing of the Jackson’s, Whites or Moore’s, or any other family names that I have since come across during my research. I have found many wonderful relatives in Prince Edward Island and Canada who have given me loads of fascinating information, photos etc and Margaretta’s poetry. Margaretta’s poetry has given me an insight into what life was like in the late 19th, early 20th century Prince Edward Island and I felt I must share it with everyone. After reading it I really felt I actually knew Maggie even though I had never even met her and she never knew I existed, despite my being eleven years old when she died. I am also extremely grateful to Harry Johnston for gathering together Maggie’s poems and photographs, as without him doing so I probably would never had known her as I do now.

Maggies Poems

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