1920s Photograph Album belonging to Muriel Wardley


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I have spent the last year scanning family photographs in my spare time and have uploaded one completed album that belonged to my Great Grandmother, Muriel Wardley (nee Collett) to Flickr. The photographs are mainly of the Wardley, Collett, Dunn, FitzPatrick, Duncan, Kuhlmey, Luschwitz, Gilbert-Lodge, Plummer and Barry family in the 1920s/1930s India and Berlin.

The images are much better viewed on Flickr as you can then see the labels. I figured it better to add the slideshow of the album here rather that upload 108 images to this blog to create another gallery!

Many of the images were originally unlabelled, but I uploaded them to Facebook and with the help of distant cousins in Australia and Canada I was able to label some of them and in return provide my cousins with copies of photos they didn’t have.


Christmas wishes from the Kuhlmey family in 1920’s Berlin


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In 1896 my Great Great Grandfather, Gustav Kuhlmey, died in India of consumption. The family had lived there for the last ten years or so due to Gustav working in India as a Bandmaster with various regiments. My Great Grandfathers three brothers Franz, Gustav and Siegfried were sent back to Berlin to live with their grandparents, but my Great Grandfather, Wolfram Kuhlmey, was only two years old so he stayed in India with his mother and sisters. Although all my Great Grandfather sisters remained in India, the youngest, Elsa, joined her brothers in Berlin sometime in the 1920’s. Every Christmas they would take a photograph of the Kuhlmey family celebrations and send it to my Great Grandfather in India. Here are the only three remaining photographs I have.

Although they are undated I know they must have been taken after 1920, as Franz is not in the photographs and he died in March 1920. I also know they must have been taken before 1932 when Elsa died.

I only wish I knew who all the other people in the photographs are! Gustav and Siegfried didn’t have any children, but Franz had two daughters, Margot and Charlotte. They are too young to be any of the other women in the photographs though. The rest could be family or friends.

Surname Christmas Tree Tag Clouds


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This afternoon I had a bright idea and thought it would be nice to make a tag cloud in the shape of a Christmas tree made up of ancestors surnames. I selected surnames of all the descendants of my ancestor, Lewis Andrew Collett, and tried a couple of online tag cloud generators, but confess to getting a little bored after just trying out two of them! I thougt I would share them with you anyhow just in case the idea tickled your fancy you enjoy the idea more than me!

Feel free to share any you have made with me as I might come back to this idea at a later date and curious if anyone else knows of a better tag cloud generator than either of the one I tried.


My first attempt was with www.tagul.com

Tagul Christmas Surname tree

Click image to visit tree on tagul.com



The second one I tried was tagxedo.com and was probably the easiest tag cloud generator of the two.


Click image to visit tree on tagxedo.com/


1960s Northamptonshire Regiment Christmas Card


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Seeing as it is nearly Christmas, I thought I would share the below scans of the Christmas card my Grandparents, Major and Mrs F.W. Gascoyne, sent out to people some time in the early 1960s.


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